Combined container-syringes designed to meet medical care requirements
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Dual Chamber PrefillableTM Syringe

Convenient and Easy to Use,
with Many Safety Features

The dual chamber PrefillableTM syringe is designed to be easy to fill with injectable drug products and solutions in a sterilized syringe. The syringe allows for freeze-drying of the drug solution after filling the front chamber. The syringe also has a unique design allowing the finger grip and front assembly to be attached after filling the glass cartridge with the injectable drug product. Based on these unique features, the syringe facilitates sterilization of the solution.

After filling th front chamber with the pharmaceutical drug ,
insert the middle stopper.

Then fill the separate rear chamber with the solution, and insert the end stopper to seal the syringe.

Insert the front stopper, fill the front chamber with the pharmaceutical powder, and insert the middle stopper (it allows for freeze-drying of the injectable drug solution in the front chamber).