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Dual-chamber Prefillable® Syringe

Dual-chamber Prefillable® Syringe

This is a syringe with two chambers for filling with two types of medicines. This is a new type of Prefillable® Syringe that can be filled with medicine from both ends of the glass cartridge in a unique way that allows attachment of a hub luer lock or finger grip to the glass cartridge.

  • It can be easily filled with a powder formulation and a solution.
  • The medicine can be freeze-dried after filling the front chamber.
  • The finger grip and front assembly can be attached after filling the glass cartridge with a powder formulation and solution.
  • The order of filling can be designed according to the process.
  • This is under consideration for kits for many formulations such as powder formulations and solutions.
Filler content Front chamber
(powder / freeze-dried / liquid medicines)
1 mL - 4 mL
Rear chamber
(liquid medicines / solutions, etc.)
1 mL - 3 mL
Product standards
(bulk / DPS glass cartridge external diameter)
φ12.5 mm, φ16.0 mm

Supply format

Bulk products

Plunger rod
Finger grip
End stopper
Middle stopper
Front stopper
Glass cartridge
Front assembly

Providing parts individually according to the customer request enables flexible design.