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ARTE Prefillable® Syringes

ARTE Prefillable® Syringes
Structure and features of ARTE Prefillable® Syringes

This new type of Prefillable® Syringe was developed at the request of medical institutions, and is 100% domestically manufactured under strict quality control.
This is a syringe with excellent features that can be used safely with one touch, there is no need to puncture a rubber stopper or packing, and there is no worry about coring.
Since parts can be provided separately, we can flexibly design the manufacturing process according to customer requests.
There is a single-chamber type that is used by filling with a one-component medicine and a dual-chamber type that can be filled with two types of medicines.

Front assembly

Structure: Injection needle (protector + needle tube + needle base) + hub luer-lock

Various specifications can be set according to the various needs of customers.
Since it can be provided as a pre-set injection needle, this can be used immediately after removing the protector.
It can also be delivered without setting the injection needle (cap + hub luer-lock) .
The mating part of the protector and the labyrinth formed on the tip of the luer protect the important cylinder tip part.

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injection needle
(needle base + needle tube)

The blade surface of the injection needle can be set depending on the direction of finger grip.
Upon request, commercially available injection needle can be used instead.

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Hub luer-lock

The syringe cylinder tip uses a luer-lock type that firmly fixes the needle in place to minimize the risk of it falling off. This is an integrally molded polypropylene product that is durable and hard to break.
With the luer-lock, there are no concerns about loosening of the injection needle or liquid leakage.

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Stopper (front / middle / end)

This is designed so that the stopper keeps the drug solution completely sealed until it is used and does not touch the injection needle or plastic parts. The stopper position makes it easy to distinguish between used and unused. The plunger rod attaches to the threaded part of the end stopper.
For middle stoppers, we use the dual chamber type.

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Glass cartridge

We use pharmaceutical glass (USP type ), which is highly stable for medicinal agents.
The cartridge has a silicone baking finish to achieve stable slideability through thorough quality control (temperature control).
The baking finish suppresses elution of alkali and reduces the effect on the medicine.

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Filled drug

The medicine is sealed and stored with a glass cartridge and a rubber stopper.
The dual-chamber type can be used as a kit by filling one syringe with a powder formulation, freeze dried formulation, etc. and a diluent (Lyophilized formulation).

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Finger grip

Made of durable polypropylene The design is large and rests easily on the fingers.
Coloring enables identification of the product at a glance and prevents accidental drug use.
You can choose from a variety of colors.

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Plunger rod

Made of polypropylene It has a straight and easy to push design.
This is used by attaching to the screw part of the end stopper.

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