Facilities information

Facilities information

Clean environment and thorough quality control

Latest facilities that create a clean environment

We have introduced the latest facilities so we can provide safe quality from production to assembly and packaging and sterilization in a clean environment.

Clean rooms

Under strict management, we manufacture in an environment that is classified for each process.

EOG sterilizer

Glass cartridge cleaner, dryer and sterilizer

UF(ultra filtration) water production equipment

WFI (water for injection) production equipment

Thorough quality management

We are fully equipped with facilities to guarantee product quality, such as production line process and product inspection as well as trace analysis.

Digital microscopes (Element analyzable)

Atomic absorption spectrophotometer

Fourier transform infrared spectrophotometer (IRAffinity-1S.MIRacle10.AIM-8800)

X-ray CT image inspection machine