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Single-chamber Prefillable® Syringe

Single-chamber Prefillable® Syringe

This is the most typical type of Arte Prefillable® Syringe, and is filled with a one-component medicine.
A cap or injection needle can be selected according to customer request.
Single-chamber Prefillable® Syringe are used in many applications due to their safety and convenience.

  • Vaccines, medicines such as sodium hyaluronate
  • Freeze‐dried formulation solution
  • Syringe that doubles as a container for special medicines
Filler content 0.25mL - 5mL
Product standards (assembled products) φ8.65 syringe φ12.5 syringe

Supply format

Assembled products

Plunger rod
End stopper
Front stopper
Finger grip
Glass cartridge
Front assembly

Nest and tub

  • The packing method uses a nest and tub to reduce contact between glasses.
  • We can pack the syringe in a special tub and provide it as an EOG sterilized product to enable transition to the filling process immediately after opening.
  • Filler content ranges 0.25mL to 3mL. Please contact us for other sizes.

Package strips

  • These are supplied attached to easy-to-handle package strips.
  • Steam sterilization in a sterilization bag while attached to the package strip is possible.
  • There is no contact between syringes during transportation, which stops scratches and chips.
  • Filler content ranges 0.25mL to 5mL. Please contact us for other sizes.